Steps to Rent:

Step 1: Self check--make sure you satisfy all of the following:
  1. Have Excellent Rental History:
    • Always pay rent on time.
    • Give advance notices.
    • Kind to the property, inform landlord promptly of needed repairs.
    • Reasonable on everything.
    • Good references from past landlords of 5 years.
  2. Pay your bills on time. You are responsible for all your financial obligations. i.e you have good credit history.
  3. Make an income that is 3 times of the rent.
  4. You are Not a substance/human/animal abuser: not a alcoholics, not a drug abuser. If you smoke, you have to smoke outside.
  5. No criminal background.
Step 2: Browse the pictures on this site---I have tried to picture every detail of the property good and bad.
Step 3: Drive to the address, check out the neighborhood and the outside of the property.
Step 4: If you are still seriously interested, please call Ling at 919-282-2441 to view the inside, and ask her any questions you may have.
Si usted solo habla espanol,Por favor llame a Jorge en el 919-697-2641
Step 5: Download and Fill out the application, submit the application with required application fee ($25/adult) per the instruction in the application.
English version: Rental Application
Spanish version: USO DE ALQUILER
Step 6: Pay first FULL month rent and deposit, Sign Lease and move in. No partial rent or deposit regardless of the day of the month that you move in.